Vintage Blues Rockers

Information about the Group

Blues Rockers
It's in 2014 that these three artists meet for the first time and begin together a season in the formation known as Blackjack of located in the southwest of the France.  This is the musical and friendly agreement which will bring closer these three musicians. The group split up for a season and was reborn under the name of Vintage Blues Rockers. The trio ends up and decides to go back on the road in the South of France with a program oriented Blues, Rock, Rock' n ' roll, Country, Reggae, Hard Rock. This training therefore propose a program dynamic and high-quality music and sound for a maximum period of 4 h 00 delivery.
This musical training occurs in the festivals, village festivals, private parties, works councils, the cafes-concerts, resorts, campsites, restaurants, Auto-Moto concentrations.

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Médias audio

Born to be wild (Steppenwolf)

Baïla morena (Zucchero)

Great balls of fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)

Blues before sunrise (Eric Clapton)